Wildcat Radio Pac-12 Eliminator Pool Contest!


Welcome to the first inaugural Wildcat Radio Pac-12 Eliminator pool!

Entry is FREE. Just read the rules and email us your pick at: WildcatRadioAZ@gmail.com.

If you would like a league with more skin in the game. Let us know and we will connect you to a league with $25 dues. Here are the rules:

1.  Pick one Pac-12 each week to win their game — do not worry about the spread — they just need to win straight up. If the team you picked wins, you advance to the next week. If they lose, you are eliminated from the contest.  The man or woman standing wins a special prize from Wildcat Radio.

Here is the hard part: You can only pick each Pac-12 team one time per season.

2.  Your pick is due by end of day Friday unless your team is playing on a Thursday.  Be careful as many of the teams have weekday games this year.

3.  If you don’t submit your pick by email — WildcatRadioAZ@gmail.com — or on twitter @WildcatRadioAZ by the deadline, you are out.

4.  We recommend planning out your whole season of picks before week 1. Since there are only twelve teams, we will only go to week 12 of the season (not counting today).  There are 13 weeks in the season, so we will not be using the last column in the attached schedule.

5. The ‘Week Zero’ games featuring Oregon State and Stanford do not count.

A good friend put together the Pac-12 schedule linked below it is possible that there are mistakes. Double check before you make your picks!

The entire Wildcat Radio team will participate. We look forward to crushing you. Send us your week one pick as soon as you can to WildcatRadioAZ@gmail.com or to @WildcatRadioAZ.



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